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Miami, Florida,
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Hess Conservatory of Music
The staff at the Conservatory is tops with graduates from prestigious institutes such as Julliard Music School of New York. The Conservatory staff consists of ...
(305) 668-9685
6840 SW 40th Street, Suite 211
Miami, Florida, 33132
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Concert Guitars
Concert Guitars ,Inc. is committed to selling the highest quality possible guitars at a reasonable price, bearing in mind that a satisfied customer will be ...
(305) 386-5010
15634 SW 96th Terrace
Miami, Florida, 33196
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Miami Music Works
Pianos Plus is our family business serving Dade County since 1991. If it has to do with pianos we do it; sell them, rent them, ...
(305) 256-1655
11771 South Dixie Highway
Miami, Florida, 33156
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Victor Pianos and Organs Inc.
Victor's seven warehouse and eleven floors of 2000 new and pre-owned pianos, digital pianos, organs, keyboards, and other musical instruments are located at 300 Northwest ...
(305) 751-7502
300 NW 54 St.
Miami, Florida, 33127
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Music Magic
We've been involved with guitars for 30 years,in business over 23 years. After having owned a retail music store for nearly 23 years, I am ...
(305) 975-6656
6850 SW 81 Terrace
Miami, Florida, 33143
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Resurrection Drums
We at Resurrection Drums are passionate about our instrument, "The Drums"! With over 125 years of combined playing experience in drumming styles ranging from Rock, ...
(305) 559-6719
9337 SW 40th Street
Miami, Florida, 33165
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